Michigan Indoor Technologies of Auburn Hills, Michigan

Distributors Of A Wide Range Of Filtropur Products


Filtropur is a manufacturing company for indoor filtration products that has authorized distributors including Michigan Indoor Technologies of Auburn Hills, Michigan. FVS Inc. the manufacturer of Filtropur, manufactures a wide range of filtration products including room filters, home filters, Enviro-breeze filters, hypo-allergic cleaning systems and many more. The company aims to do its best to provide a better life to the customers.

"I am absolutely delighted with the performance..."

"I'd like to share our experience with your prod-ucts. When we bought the air cleaner and vac-uum, I was highly skeptical that the machines could accomplish what our salesman, Andrew, promised. Recently my husband and I vaca-tioned for six weeks. I cleaned the house before leaving and, upon returning, was thrilled that I didn't have to dust or vacuum. In fact, I didn't have to clean (vacuum and dust) for another two weeks. I am absolutely delighted with the per-formance of the air cleaners and vacuum. Please pass my comments along to your manager."


Thanks again.
Sincerely, a very satisfied customer,
Clarkston, MI


"We are very satisfied with the products and would highly recommend them..."

"I purchased a vacuum and two air cleaners from your sales representative, Andrew. We are very satisfied with the products and would highly recommend them.


I am happy now! Thank you, April, for excel-lent service. I can now recommend your prod-uct and your staff as well.


It has been a pleasure doing business with you."


Karen Hornyak


The Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System ...

Leading products such as Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System; is designed and certified to kill 98% to 100% of bacteria and 99% to 100% of viruses. The sanitizing filtration system can remove 99.97% of the harmful bacteria and viruses from the air processed through the SFS. Removal of such harmful bacteria's with this high rate of efficiency reduces the probability of any illness. The use of Filtropur's products may lead to improving the health and well-being of the customers. Filtropur's filtration products has many advantages and with the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. These products may reduce the risk of illness by removing many bacteria and viruses. The products provide the ideal atmosphere to spend a healthier life.

"It really gets all the deep down dirt out and our carpets look and feel wonderful..."


“I just wanted to email you to tell you how much I love my Filtro-pure vacuum. I previously had a Kirby and I hated it. It was big, heavy & clunky. It was awkward to change between using the floor/carpet head to the attachments. I have had my Filtropure for several years now, and it is light and very easy to change between cleaning my carpet and using the attachments. It makes my carpets feel really soft. In fact, about 22 years ago we replaced the carpet that had originally been installed in our house 35 years ago. My husband took the original carpet and pieced it together and put it downstairs. This past summer, I was showing our senior pastor and his wife and our associate pastor our house, and our senior pastor's wife couldn't believe the carpet downstairs was 35 years old. She said it was in-credibly clean looking and soft underfoot. She asked me how I kept it in such good condition, and I told her it was my Filtro-pure vacuum. It really gets all the deep down dirt out and our carpets look and feel wonderful!


Also, I really appreciate the great service I get from you, April, and your technicians. I bring my machine in for regular check-ups as recommended, and they always take care of any minor problems I may have. The employees are very friendly and the technicians always do a great job, are efficient, and take care of things in a very short time. Today, I brought my Filtropure vacuum in because the beater bar was making a grinding noise and not working properly. I went to your new location and found the building but I wasn't sure where your office was. I phoned the office, and a technician came out to my car and carried it into the office. After the repair was completed he car-ried it back out to my car. The parts that were not working properly were replaced with updated parts and it is working great again. Keep up the great work and the great service!
Thanks so much!”


Sharon Y.

"It purifies the air and makes it feel like you are breathing outside..."


“I am writing this letter concerning my pur-chase of your Filtropur sanitizing filtration system. It is a remarkable system. It filters the air and makes it really easy for breathing especially when I have COPD. It purifies the air and makes it feel like you are breathing outside air close to a clean lake with a real nice breeze. I am very happy that I pur-chased this system. I recommend this to anyone with difficulty with breathing. Also I would like to comment on the vacuum I pur-chased. After using it on my old worn carpet, it has made them almost new looking. It has removed all the dirt and dust that has accu-mulated in the carpet for years. It is really amazing. I recommend this vacuum to eve-ryone. It is really a cleaning machine and easy to operate.”


Hilary DeRosia

According to Independent Reports...

... the air inside a house is much more polluted than outside. An independent survey revealed that the air of the inside surroundings is 200% to 500% more polluted than outside. This leads to poor air quality of indoors irritating the existing allergies. The advanced filtration system of Filtropur consists of a sealed filtration system to capture the pollutants down to a size as small as .3 microns. The most appreciated feature of this product is that it can constantly kill airborne contaminants.

"I want to tell you how much better we sleep and how much more refreshed we feel each morning…"


I want to tell you how much better we sleep and how much more refreshed we feel each morning. My husband has dust-related allergies with the usual sneezing, coughing, and snoring that accompany them. Now, there is only an occasional sniff, which is more habit than need, I think.

We have indoor/outdoor cats, but between the room units and the Filtropur sweeper, no one would guess if they didn’t notice the presence of an actual cat. (No, cat dander had never bothered my husband.)

We wish you all happiness and good fortune.”


Yours very truly,
Madeleine Fisher



“I am writing to tell you how much I love the Filtropur Air Cleaner. I have a Whirlpool Air Cleaner also and the Filtropur Air Cleaner works so much better. Also the people are so helpful when needing to order fil-ters. I would recommend the Filtropur in a min-ute. Again I have tried so many and this one by far is the best I have ever had. Thank you also for being so helpful.”


Pat Stephen

Using Filtropur's Filtration Products...

... has many advantages. With the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. The usage of these filtration products also may reduces the risk of illness by removing many harmful bacteria and viruses. Moreover, you get fresher, cleaner smelling air at your premises.

"There is no doubt the Filtropur product is far superior to the vacuum we had been using…"


“To whom it may concern:

Recently we purchased the Filtropur system con-sisting of the vacuum cleaner and two air purifi-ers.

First, I must compliment you on your representa-tive who was very professional and who was well versed in his product. At no time did we feel he was taking a high pressure approach. He let his product talk for itself and demonstrated very clearly its superiority over the vacuum cleaner we had been using for quite some time.

I have run the vacuum myself several times and can clearly see that the results are far superior to our previous vacuum cleaner.

There is no doubt the Filtropur product is far su-perior to the vacuum we had been using.


With best regards,
Herbert Pritzker

"The deep down dirt is com-ing out and they look good again…"


“Our rugs were looking shabby, we were thinking of replacing them until we got our Filtropur. The deep down dirt is coming out and they look good again.”


Lewis & Madeleine Rohs



I like my vacuum and it amazes me how much dirt I pick up each time I use it. The canister is always full of dog hair. I have never been as happy with a vacuum as I am with this one. The carpet fibers are not as mat-ted down as it was with our old vacuum. The filtration system has helped my son not wake up so congested in the mornings. It has definitely improved our health as we feel like we are breathing in cleaner air. I would recommend these 2 products for anyone. I have called customer service a couple of different times and they have been outstanding at helping us.”


Linda & Jeff Hansen

The company has experienced staff...

... who work very hard and efficiently to design and manufacture the products that help in eliminating dust, dirt, dust mites, pollen, odors and toxic chemicals from indoors to offer a safe, clean and healthier environment. For more information, please visit www.filtropur.net